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Five Facts about Green Building and House Removal

If you own a house, or just bought land, and want to build your new home from scratch you need to either remove or demolish the previous one. At Sunset Homes, Calgary’s bespoke home builder, we care about Green Building and we are devoted to making our process as environmentally friendly as possible.

Sustainable building
The Green Building concept seeks to have a balance between design and building practices that benefit the environment in an efficient way. For us, moving your house is the first option we look at to maintain sustainable practices and lower your fees at the same time.

It helps you save in demo costs
At Sunset Homes, we prefer house removals when they are possible,  over demolition and we take care of this task for our clients, from obtaining the permits to contacting the moving company, we will help you through this process to take care of the environment and prepare the land for your dream custom home.

Landfill reduction and waste diversion
A demolition is costly and it will create more waste than moving your house to be reused. By moving your house you will be able to divert the possible waste.

If you can’t move
Sadly, some houses can’t be removed. If that is the case, then you can still recycle many parts, such as windows and furnishings, and still be able to reduce demo cost and to help the environment. We will facilitate this for you, if moving is not an option

Benefits of Green Building
Sustainable practices offer many benefits to the environment and preserve natural resources, increase the value of properties, and improve life quality. Sunset Homes is a proud member of Built Green Canada and Canada Green Building Council.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)
Sunset Homes follows Green Building practices and recommends house removal instead of demolition as it is less costly and environmentally friendlier.