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4 Tips for Choosing Colours for Your Home

Your custom home colours are an important part of the style and tone you want your home to have. Sometimes picking the exact colours for your dream home exteriors and interiors might seem like a difficult task, but Sunset Homes, Calgary’s bespoke home builder, has prepared a list of small tips for you to enjoy your colour selection process.

Nice start points
If you don't know where to start or have no idea if the colour combinations you are thinking about will be a good match, you have some excellent options to save your ideas and compare the combinations you like best.

Creating ideabooks on Houzz will be an easy way to detect a pattern of colours you would like to use. Also, you could create an ideabook per room and even ask the professional for their opinions on the colours you like. Another useful option is playing and testing colours on Benjamin Moore's website. You can try exterior and interior combinations, choose room by room and also update pictures of your home, which will give you a close idea of what you want your colours to be. 

Test your ideas
If you choose a couple of options and you are still not 100% sure they will work for you, buy testers and try them so you can check how they look with different kinds of lights and at different times of the day. The colours you choose will create a permanent ambience in your home and may even influence your mood. We recommend you to test your colours to have a better and happier result.

For Inviting Exteriors
Usually, stucco is the best pick for exteriors in Calgary. For choosing the colour of your stucco, remember to take into account the colour of the stone if you include some of it in your custom home. Also, match your stucco with your roof, windows, and doors. This means choosing two or three shades of colours for your exteriors: a dominant one for large areas and one or two shades for creating an accent on your details

For Luxurious Interiors
Everything in your custom home is adapted according to your wishes and vision of your home style. If your home has an open space design, a good way to make your custom home have a luxurious look and make the rooms match is to go for neutral choices and play with the lighting instead of the colour. Also, light and neutral colours are better if you consider re-selling your property, as some buyers may not be impressed by bright or dark colours. You always have the chance to ask your home builder for guidance, and to make sure your colours match the concept or vision you have for your custom home.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)
Match different stucco colours for your exteriors choosing a dominant colour for the largest areas with one or two shades for your roof, windows, and doors. If your home is an open space design go for a neutral palette, use resources that allow having a visual and compare your ideas such as the ideabooks on Houzz or the Benjamin Moore's website, and always test your selections to be completely sure that you are happy with it.