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  • 3 Advantages of Adding Home Automation to your Calgary Custom Home

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    3 Advantages of Adding Home Automation to your Calgary Custom Home

    Nowadays we are surrounded by the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart items. But what do they mean in terms of a new custom build or even a major renovation to your existing home? To what extent do we want our homes to be smart? What are the advantages of customizing your home to be smart? Is home automation affordable and does it represent real value for my custom home? 

    When talking about custom building, integrating home automation is part of customizing your home to your needs and wishes. Home automation means incorporating one or more electronic devices that can be accessed remotely to control and program the use of some devices and appliances in your home. The main advantage of integrating home automation to any extent in your new custom home is saving time from everyday tasks. As experienced Calgary builders, we have put together these advantages of having smart items at home.

    Take Control of your Custom Home

    Adding home automation to your modern home allows you to take control of it regarding safety and to be able to monitor what happens at home can be convenient as well.With home automation, you can have remote access to your home systems, for instance, your heating and cooling systems. You can program them to work in a certain way and adapt their functioning to when you are at home or work.

    Being able to control your appliances, security systems and even having automated items such as door locks, can help you monitor what happens at home when you are there and also while you are away. With home automation, you can avert accidents with some appliances, such as your oven.

    Make your Custom Home More Efficient

    At Sunset Homes, Calgary custom home builder, we care about building efficiently and implementing cost-effective initiatives. Adding home automation items for your Calgary custom home means going green as well. Regarding energy-efficiency, you can control lighting, climate, and energy-efficient appliances. Therefore you will be contributing to the environment by not wasting energy, and it will allow you to control your expenses, such as your utility bills.

    Add Value to your Custom Home

    As a future homeowner if you want to consider home automation for your infill home, keep in mind the cost vs. value idea. Home automation can be affordable depending on the extent you customize your home, and also it can represent significant value to your property. Having a smart home can increase your property value and attract home buyers as well. Check out more about home automation and how our homeowners are integrating it as well.

    Ready for a more efficient home? Contact Sunset Homes today and learn more about how you can add home automation to your inner-city dream home. We will gladly prepare a freequote and give you more information about our custom luxury homes and major renovations.

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    Integrating home automation items to your new custom home can increase its value, while making your home more efficient and safe.

  • 3 Smart Items to have in your Custom Home in Calgary

    Smart Home 2005993 1280 3 Smart Items to have in your Custom Home

    In the last few years, homeowners have become more and more interested in including all the technology possible into their custom homes. The concept of smart homes has become more accessible too, and it represents a very interesting investment to make for your new dream home or if you are building to sell. A smart home includes any item, gadget or appliance connected to the internet; homeowners can interact and control these items using the internet or their smartphones.
    Sunset Homes provides guidance on this topic to its homeowners, and in our latest project we have included smart home items, you can check more about it here, and you can check out the progress of this project every Tuesday on our Instagram account.
    There is a great variety of smart home products for controlling your lighting, thermostat, security, appliances, and sound systems. Thinking about all these options, we have selected the top smart items you could include in your new custom home in 2017.

    Get freedom from keys
    Forget about losing your home keys;smart locks are an interesting option to avoid having multiple home keys. There are many kinds and brands of smart locks, and they are quite accessible. You can connect your locks to your phone and grant permanent and temporary access to your home with anyone you choose to. Among the many options available, August and Schlage Sense are the most well-known, they are both compatible with smartphones and Apple watches as well as with complete smart homes systems such as Apple Homekit or Amazon Alexa.

    Control your lights
    Smart bulbs, or smart lighting, is a new concept of bulbs that are designed for energy efficiency; they include automated controls that can be programmed to adjust according to the time you are at home or the amount of daylight. You may find these smart bulbs in white and other colors, although they are more expensive than regular bulbs, they last longer and are energy efficient. You don't need special wiring for your smart bulbs so you can change into this technology anytime. Finally, you can choose a smart bulb that has an advanced feature to be configured with other smart items such as your smart lock, music or alarm systems.

    Smart Security System
    Your home security can now be wireless and connected to your phone as well. The Smart Security kits are still a new development. This option could be less expensive than a traditional security system, and among the advantages it can provide, you don't need professional monitoring and can have it configured in your smartphone as well.

    Are you ready to build your new custom dream home and add Smart Home technology? Contact Sunset Homes today; we are proud to be Calgary's bespoke home builder. We will gladly prepare a free quote and give you more information about our custom luxury homes and major renovations.

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    Among the many items and gadgets, we have listed adding smart locks, smart bulbs, and a smart security system to your home as the most beneficial. They will make your life easier keeping you informed, connected and allowing you to customize your home technology to your needs.
  • Three Home Automation and Safety Items for Calgary Custom Homes

    Three Home Automation And Safety Items For Calgary Custom Homes 3

    Three Home Automation and Safety Items for Calgary Custom Homes

    Welcome to the era of smart home systems! Home automation is everywhere, and it is part of our custom home designs and the way we live. It means incorporating one or more electronic devices to your home to control numerous systems that you have at home. Including home automation to any extent in your new dream home can make it more efficient, a smart home is a green home. Smart systems also add value to your property and make your everyday life more comfortable. A valuable advantage of smart home systems is the possibility of adding items to enhance the safety of your Calgary custom home. At Sunset Homes, we suggest considering the following smart items for your new home in Calgary.