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Our essential guide to understanding all the factors involved when you decide to build your Forever Home in Calgary and surrounding areas.

In recent years, the concept of the forever home has grown in popularity. It is a concept where a home stays with a family for many decades. It is used to raise a family and then retire into. These types of custom homes require careful planning by an experienced Calgary custom home builder to make sure that it’s the right fit for the owner. These types of homes need a location that can be adapted through the years; one that can handle all of life’s challenges. There are many considerations to think about when it comes to building your forever home and working with a custom home builder is a great asset. We have put together this handy guide that walks you through everything you need to know about it.

Custom Home Builder Tips for Building Your Forever Home in Calgary

Sunset Homes Pillar Project Forever Home 8 Icons B 01Knowing where to start when it comes to building a forever home is half the battle. Once you have a plan in place the whole process becomes much easier. In this article you will learn some of the top tips and tricks for building your forever home and working with a custom builder. The article will introduce you to planning your home, so it has just the right amount of space, not too much but not too little. It will also outline some of the basics in terms of planning for mobility, aesthetic appeal, maintenance, and it will take you through some of the basics when it comes to design. To read more visit our article Custom Home Builder Tips for Building Your Forever Home

Mobility and Access: Planning and Building Your Forever Home

Sunset Homes Pillar Project Forever Home 8 Icons B 04Now that you have a good idea of what you need to look for in your custom forever home it is time to start looking closely at the finer details of the design and how you can make the home a great fit for you now and into the future, seeing you through raising a family and then entering into your twilight years. In this post you can learn more about the practical aspects to building your forever home, such as making doorways accessible, removing thresholds, and making pathways easy to access. Each room within your home should reflect current requirements and consider how the room can be used in future, such as a children’s room becoming a guest room or a hobby studio. The garden is also another consideration where thought should be given to access and maintenance, making it a low maintenance area that looks great. This guide provides lots of tips and tricks on mobility and access when it comes to planning your forever home, so it works for you long after retirement. To read the full article visit Mobility and Access: Planning and Building Your Forever Home.

How Custom Builders are Redefining the Idea of a Forever Home

Sunset Homes Pillar Project Forever Home 8 Icons B 05Have you ever wondered what a forever home is and how it is achieved with a custom home builder? If these are some of the questions that you have been asking, How Custom Builders Are Redefining the Idea of a Forever Home will provide all the answers and more. Learn what to look for in a custom home builder, guided through the importance of building sustainable homes and the fundamentals of future proofing your forever home, making sure that it is something that changes over the years to fit your different needs and requirements.

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Think Landscaping When Building Your Forever Home

Sunset Homes Pillar Project Forever Home 8 Icons B 06A lot of time and thought goes into planning the interior of a home but how much consideration do you make to the outside? This is also important. The back yard and outdoor space surrounding your forever home also needs to work for you. There are certain questions that you need to ask before you start landscaping such as the location of the sun, privacy, conservation of any views or places you want to screen, the size of the deck and outdoor features such as a BBQ area or patio. Landscaping is a costly task, and it can soon eat into your budget so make sure that the landscaping is factored into the overall build cost. You can always scale back the landscaping to something very basic to get you started and then build on the outside space over the years. It is always advised to check with your custom home builder whether the landscaping is included in the project or whether this will need to be a separate project that you will work on with a landscaping contractor once the build reaches a certain stage. To find out more about landscaping, read more in Think Landscaping When Building Your Forever Home

Creating a Forever Home Built to Meet Your Changing Needs

Sunset Homes Pillar Project Forever Home 8 Icons B 09As we have briefly mentioned, a forever home is one that meets your requirements not only in the present, but also in the next 10 years and beyond. A lot can change in a decade so when it comes to building a custom home you always need to be thinking long term. First and foremost is planning the home for a family if you intend to have children. How many rooms will the home need to have, what about a guest room for when friends and extended family come to stay? Do you want an open plan living space or one that is separated off into different areas? Then, there’s mobility to think about, not just in terms of doorways and access levels, but also spaces such as the kitchen and bathrooms, making sure these spaces are suitable for limited mobility. You may also want to prepare the house for a future extension if you don’t want to have the extra space from the outset. What is great about a custom forever home is that it can be whatever you want it to be. To read more about this, visit our blog post on Creating a Forever Home Built to Meet Your Changing Needs

Is There a Demand for Forever Homes?

Sunset Homes Pillar Project Forever Home 8 Icons B 07There is no doubt that more people than ever are starting to think about a forever home. Homeowners are planning their future homes. Have you ever questioned when is the right time to start thinking about your forever home? This answer will be different for everyone, but there are a couple of pointers that might be an indicator that now is the right time for you. Check out the indicators in our blog The Building Demand for a True Forever Home

Active Aging and Your Forever Home

Sunset Homes Pillar Project Forever Home 8 Icons B 08The aging process comes to us all, whether we like it or not, and when it comes to a forever home, they must be able to adapt to our changing levels of mobility. As we age, the ability to walk and balance will decline resulting in a higher risk of slips, trips and falls so our homes need to be designed in a way that reduces the risk to the lowest possible level. When it comes to planning your home for aging there are many considerations to include in the design. Accessibility is a huge factor, so too is flooring, and the position and width of staircases to accommodate stair lifts. Kitchen and bathroom design are also a key factor, so too is thinking about how you will use empty rooms when they are no longer occupied by children. Find out more Tips on Building a Forever Home for Active Aging

A Custom Home That Meets Your Needs Forever

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A forever home is designed to be just that. A custom home that you live in forever, but this presents a variety of unique challenges for a custom home builder. When you work with a builder who is skilled at designing a forever home, they will help you to see the bigger picture and think about the future. As well as planning for things such as guest rooms and children, you should also think about how you will incorporate your lifestyle into your home. Read more in Build Your Home Today. Plan it to Meet Your Needs Forever

Always pay particular attention to simple design choices, such as the inclusion of smart technologies to make your life easier too. If you would like to read more about this visit our blog post, Building Your Forever Home

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