Solar Energy for your Custom Luxury Home

One of the many features you can add to your custom made luxury home with Sunset Homes, Calgary’s bespoke inner city builder, is to include solar panels or solar shingles, they are a green and positive option to add to your renewable lifestyle.

First things first
If you decided to include solar energy, then we can guide you by calculating the number of daily sun hours your area receives. This will allow us to determine the size of your system and present your roof design accordingly.

 It helps lower your bill
Adding solar energy to your luxury home will help reduce dependence on power companies and contribute to lower energy bills if you have a grid-tied system. Also, you can try this solar calculator to have an idea about how much it will help you save.

It adds value to your property
This alternative way of generating energy goes beyond saving a little on your electricity bill, as it increases the retail value of your custom home and will allow you to gain back your initial investment. You can learn more about your home value here.

Last but not least important
The overall contribution to the environment is not always tangible, but if more people implement solar energy, the reduction of greenhouse emissions would be significant.

Ready to go green and implement the renewable lifestyle to your custom luxury home? Contact us today and we, Sunset Homes Calgary custom home builder, will gladly prepare a free quote and give you more information about our custom homes.

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