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What Does it Really Cost to Build an Infill Custom Home in Calgary?

When it is time to think of a new home, timing, quality, and cost are key factors in deciding whether building or buying a home is the right move for you.

Building a custom home is a completely different experience than buying a new home, and each option fits different wants and needs about timing, location, and costs. You can learn more about it in our blog 4 Things You Should Know About Building a Custom Home vs Buying an Existing Home.

Two Main Categories Associated with your Custom Infill Home Building Budget Part II

As we learned in our previous post, the budget for your custom home will have two main categories: soft and hard costs. In the first part of this blog series, you learned about the soft costs. In this second part, we will explain the items that you should expect your home builder to include within the hard cost of your project.

Two Main Categories Associated with your Custom Infill Home Building Budget 

As a future homeowner or investor, understanding the costs of your building project and the anticipated costs it may incur is paramount. As Calgary’s bespoke home builder, Sunset Homes considers the importance of providing information and educating our clients about what the building process entails.

3 Steps to Create the Final Budget for your Custom Home in Calgary

When you are ready to custom build your dream home and come to Sunset Homes, Calgary custom home builder, we will guide you through all the steps of your building process with our online software called CoConstruct. As construction costs will vary according to your selections, the first phase of choosing every detail will lead us to 3 important phases in your budget.