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Custom Home Builder tips for a Transitional Custom Home in Calgary

We can all agree that building a custom home is a life-changing experience for any homeowner. It is the perfect opportunity to materialize the home you have always dreamed of. But it entails so many details that some stages of the process may feel daunting. To avoid this, the best way to go is to trust your project to the right Calgary custom home builder.

Only an experienced team can provide you with the right advice about the overall style you would like to imprint to your future custom property. On the first and second parts of this blog series, we mentioned the most common building and design styles among custom home builders in Calgary ―modern, traditional, and transitional― and focused on the first and second ones. Today we would like to explore what it is to build a transitional custom home in Calgary.

The Beauty of The Middle Ground

The transitional style basically means mixing components of both modern and traditional styles. This blend includes all aspects of your custom home in Calgary, from structural design and materials to finishes and furniture.

The challenge of this particular style is to find the perfect marriage between classic and modern elements so you can accomplish a timeless style that mirrors your taste and lifestyle. If you believe that transitional style is the one for you, ask your chosen Calgary custom home builder to plan for a traditional design with a modern twist.

The Benefit of Choosing the Best of Two Worlds

If the top benefit of having a custom home is the high level of customization of every detail in your home, then the prime advantage of transitional style is that you get to choose the elements you like the most of every building and decoration trend. This allows you to have the perfect balance between your needs and priorities and the aesthetics you are looking for.

Professional home builders in Calgary can offer you the proper advice on which styles and trends you could mix to accomplish the looks and environment you have dreamed of for your new custom home. Many homeowners go for clean lines, a lot of light and comfort, and yet stylish touches which result in artful spaces. As experienced Calgary inner city home builders, we recommend you consider mixing industrial and vintage fixtures all around your new custom home.

Transitional Style in a Nutshell

Transitional style offers you the huge plus of basically selecting any traditional and modern trends you feel attracted to and mix them. But there are some common characteristics that we have noticed among transitional homes in our several years as home builders in Calgary. One of them is the preference of clean architectural lines and interior minimalism. A well designed transitional custom home usually features minimal, artful details rather than many decorative pieces everywhere.

Another feature of transitional homes is the use of natural and warm wood in may rooms, including kitchen cabinets, where sometimes it replaces the old-time favorite white. There is also an inclination towards neutral palettes ―think taupe, cream, and vanilla― with vibrant coloured accents where blues and golds are genuinely appreciated. Another way of adding character to your transitional home is to play with metals such as copper and steel to add a luxurious vibe.

As the bespoke Calgary infill home builder, we believe that the objective of transitional design is the creation of clean and calm spaces. So logically another noticeable trend is to bring a lot of light to interiors with over-sized windows and to keep a bare look when it comes to floors.

The Right Way to Add Depth to your Transitional Custom Home

Since transitional homes have a calm, clean and uncomplicated vibe, the best way to add depth to their overall subtle palette is to play smart with furniture, fabrics, and accessories. And in our experience as Calgary custom home builders, we guarantee you this can be a super fun process.

Consider a minimalist approach by curating the decoration items for your new custom home carefully. Also, think about clean and elegant natural elements such as orchids, and simple yet stylish classic elements such as black and white photographs. Finally, have fun playing with exciting patterns and textures in fabrics such as fake leather and suede, velvet, and chenille.

Cohesion Is Vital for Any Beautiful Blend

The objective of any custom home is to adapt it to the owner’s lifestyle and needs. As experienced Calgary custom home builders, we also suggest keeping in mind that transitional homes, when not properly planned, can end up being a multi-style trap. You don’t want to end up with grandma-style spaces next to almost aerospatial rooms. The trick is to find the perfect balance between both worlds to accomplish a beautiful blend that reflects your personality.

Whether you are interested in having a modern, a traditional, or a transitional custom home, the idea is to have a home that is totally you. Only a professional Calgary custom home builder can provide you with the right expertise and building and design solutions adapted to your taste and budget.

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Transitional custom homes mix both modern and traditional elements. They feature clean and calm spaces with subtle palettes and bold accents.

Custom Home Builder tips for a Traditional Custom Home in Calgary

When building your custom home in Calgary, one of the most exciting and challenging stages of the building process is choosing the overall building and design style. On the first part of this blog series, we focused on the main characteristic of modern homes. Today we bring you more details about building a traditional custom home in Calgary.

The Value of Tradition

Traditional custom homes mix styles that differ in origin and period. Nevertheless, they have several common features that a professional custom home builder in Calgary can show you while determining if you are more inclined towards traditional or modern vibes.

Traditional Custom Homes

The usual characteristics of traditional homes are large porches with overhanging beams, while the roofs usually feature gables. Symmetry is also a huge factor in traditional style and design. If you are interested in building a traditional home, your chosen Calgary custom home builder may suggest you consider a front with a central door flanked by windows. Traditional windows tend to have shutters as a functional and decorative feature, and they usually have very similar shapes and sizes.

When it comes to the footprint, traditional homes are usually larger than modern ones, but the indoor space is often more divided. Even if the current trend is going for an open floor concept in custom buildings, traditional homes have more single-purpose rooms and an overall formal vibe in spaces like the living and dining rooms. But this doesn’t mean traditional homes are strict and that you should not go for an open concept main storey.

The Perfect Materials and Tones to Accomplish a Traditional Look

When selecting the ideal materials for your new custom home, ask your Calgary custom home builder to guide you through all the traditional options that now combine the classical look and top quality. Traditional vibes can be easily accomplished with quality building materials such as wood, brick, and stone.

Your custom home interiors are also important when it comes to choosing the right style for you and your family. Since traditional homes feature smaller windows and are more private in general terms, this also means that they often receive a little less natural light than modern homes. To make up for this, an experienced Calgary custom home builder would add charming lighting pieces and use a neutral colour palette inside and outside to make spaces light, warm, airy, and inviting.

The Importance of Traditional Outdoor Spaces

It is true that traditional custom homes in Calgary come in all sizes and have one or more storeys. But something that is a must is outdoor spaces. Let’s remember that traditional style has its roots in historical moments when household space was meant to be for large families and this often also included the need of having a home orchard for self-consumption.

Inspired by this, home builders in Calgary would suggest you consider devoting an important space of your lot to front or back gardens. Try to think of this space not as a simple transition from indoors to outdoors, but as a place for entertainment and relaxation. You can finally have that floral garden you have always dreamed of and add traditional features such as a soothing garden fountain. Also, consider adding a deck where you can enjoy warm days with your loved ones.

Traditional Doesn’t Mean Old

Sometimes people believe that traditional style means old-fashioned. But that does not have to be the case. A traditional custom home can be as trendy and stylish as a modern one. What you should take into account is to properly balance classic looks with current top building materials and technology. This also applies to eco-friendly practices: A traditional home can also be green and committed to the protection of the environment.

Finally, take into account that traditional custom homes have a multigenerational appeal, which means that guests of all ages feel attracted towards this style and its homey vibes. Both young couples and starting families can benefit from a traditional custom home where to grow, and retirees have a notorious preference for traditional style as well.

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Traditional custom homes usually borrow architectural details to reinterpret past classic styles. They feature large porches and gardens, and classical features and materials such as fireplaces, wood, brick, and stone.


Custom Home Builder tips for a Modern Custom Home in Calgary

When the building the perfect or ideal custom home in Calgary, our homeowners have the unique opportunity of participating in all the stages of the building process. Also, our homeowners have the chance to select every single detail they dream to have in their new home in Calgary.

This level of engagement is the most significant advantage of building a custom home versus buying an already existing one. The building process this can be a very positive experience, it can also have many challenges. At Sunset Homes, our primary goal is to keep our homeowners' interest first and provide them with as much information as possible so they can make informed decisions and make the building process less daunting.

One of the main challenges when building your new custom home is to decide the overall style. As an experienced Calgary inner city home builder, at Sunset Homes, we always go through this point carefully with our homeowners so they can have a better idea of all the style option they have for their new home.

In this blog series, we will be taking a look at the main characteristics of modern, traditional, and transitional homes in Calgary.

Modern Custom Homes at a Glance

Modern homes have become one of the most requested among homeowners during the last five years. Modernism made its triumphal entrance during the first half of the 20th century when modern Scandinavian design became a significant world trend. And although we are already in the 21st century, the basics of modern building and decorative styles haven’t changed that much: Clean lines, uniformity, and balance.

The Basics of a Modern Custom Home

The essential characteristics of modern custom homes are simplicity, form, and function. This means that clean lines and open spaces with functional furniture and clever use of space are the way to go. The shapes and lines in modern building tend to be more straight, and the overall look is sharp and elegant.

Many homeowners are often afraid that an ultra-modern look can be uncomfortable or stark, but that is not necessarily true. With the proper guidance of a professional home builder in Calgary and a great design team, you can imprint your sleek modern vibes to your new custom home.

Trendy Materials of Modern Custom Homes

Usually, modern homes feature a sharp industrial look on the outside. This can be easily accomplished by asking your chosen Calgary custom home builder to include lots of metal and plenty of windows in all storeys. The plus of having large windows is that you will allow tons of natural light to go inside your home which will help you to create a modern vibe by playing with light and shadows in each area.

Another tip when looking for a modern style is to include natural materials such as leather and wood to balance the use of metals. And when it comes to furniture, you can play with plastic and polished metals to accomplish a fun modern style.

Modern Colour Combinations

Many people believe that modern hues must be mandatorily white, black or grey. Nonetheless, Our suggestion as experienced home builders in Calgary is that you go with warm and natural neutrals that will make a nice contrast with metallic surfaces.

There is also room for fun accent tones such as reds, oranges, and yellows that serve as a fun reminder of past hot retro trends. Don’t feel afraid to play with colors, materials and interesting geometric patterns! Finally, modern style typically goes for minimal decor, but this gives you the opportunity of curating in detail the featured items in your home and will add them visual prominence.

Less Is More

As one of the top Calgary inner city home builders, we have noticed that indoor spaces are increasingly going towards simplicity with an open layout that combines both the kitchen and living room in an airy space. The idea is to provide all rooms with an expansive and clean feel.

Since modern-style homeowners usually opt for the “less is more” motto, modern homes make good use of the storage space so everything has a place and there are no distractions from the sharp and elegant touches that make up the property. The most significant advantage of this modern look is that it will help you to keep your home clutter-free and will provide you with a sense of relaxation and calm every time you arrive home.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Modern custom homes usually feature clean lines, functional furniture, a clean feel and an overall industrial look thanks to the combination of metal, glass, neutrals and accent tones.

Design Tips to Help You Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

One of the most important rooms in modern custom homes is the bathroom. This is the space where we prepare for the day and relax at the end of it. That is why bathrooms are probably the most renovated rooms by home builders in Calgary. And it turns out the main reason for this type of renovation is size: Let’s face it, there are few things worse than a small, unfunctional bathroom.

In some cases, the homeowner has the possibility of tearing down the original bathroom and building a new one from scratch. But what if you have a small bathroom which size you can’t change for one reason or another? Do you have to settle with a space that you feel is too small and uncomfortable for your needs? Of course, you don’t! As Calgary inner city home builders, at Sunset Homes, we know that working around a small bathroom can be daunting but we assure you it is not impossible at all. 

In fact, if you can’t change the size of your small bathroom, you can make it feel bigger with some eye-tricking hacks. Today we bring you a list of design tips that can help you make the most of a small bathroom without losing your mind or wasting too much money. Also, you can check out our Calgary Custom Home Builder Tips to Make your Bathroom Renovations Simple.

Create an Efficient Layout

The first problem of a small bathroom is usually the fact that it is not functional. Many homeowners believe that this is the only possible result of a reduced size. But the truth is that spaces don't need to be large to function well. Rather, they need to have the proper layout and distribution.

As experienced Calgary custom home builders, we suggest you take out all movable elements from your bathroom and start visualizing how you could better distribute all items in a way they work better as a whole, use web apps to have a better idea of your options, and create inspiration boards in tools such as Pinterest.

Don’t Forget the Essentials 

As we all know, even if you have a small bathroom, there are some elements that really need to be shoved in there. Of course, we are referring to the toilet, sink, and shower or bathing area. On top of it, a space devoted to towels in use and toilet paper must also be taken into account.

The best way to tackle the challenge of including all these essentials in a harmonious way is to turn to Calgary custom home builders that can offer you the best options to reconfigure the space. Take into account that the reconfiguration of a bathroom should be done by certified professionals and that an interior designer can offer you fresh and trendy ideas especially adapted to your needs.

Plan your Bathtub and Shower Area Carefully

When renovating any bathroom ―not only a small one― one of the first questions that your chosen Calgary home builder will ask is whether you want a shower, a bathtub, or both. But when it comes to tiny spaces, sometimes the hard reality is that you may not have both, at least separately.

What you could do is to go for a two-in-one area that combines both elements with a tub that sits inside the shower. Another hack to gain tub space is to go for more deepness instead of more width. Finally, for visual effects, consider skipping the shower door and going with a glass panel, and extending your shower tile up to the ceiling. 

Include Clever Storage Options

We all know that storage is essential in any functional home. Space for towels, toilet paper, makeup, extra bar soaps, medicines, and basically anything you need to include to make your bathroom a dream one is a huge plus. One of the biggest challenges of a small bathroom is precisely where to store all these much-needed elements.

Maybe you can’t include a corner towel cabinet in a reduced space but you can think outside the box with over-the-toilet shelving units, shelves with towel bars, over the door storage, or cute baskets under the sink. If you are dealing with a children’s bathroom, you can also ask your Calgary home builder to install rust-resistant steel cubes with a galvanized finish in vibrant colors that will add a fun touch to the space while keeping things neat.

Get Creative with your Vanity and Sink

One of the elements that take most space in a bathroom is the vanity and sink combo. And being realistic, regardless of the storage space they offer, sometimes the visual bulk they produce is not worth it. In small bathrooms, here is where creativity is much appreciated. One of the hot trends right now among Calgary infill home builders is to go for trough sinks because they are both stylish and let you free floor space for foot traffic or storage.

In our experience as Calgary inner city home builders, we know how beautiful and useful double sinks can be. But if you have a really small bathroom, maybe the best way to approach this challenge is to consider a single sink that increases counter space and that is long enough to let two people get ready simultaneously. You can also select a vanity with one shelf to store all your needed products. Other visual hacks include installing a wall-mounted faucet, choosing a floating vanity, and preferring round vanities and sinks over square ones.

Keep Things Light and Minimal 

One of the best pieces of advice we can offer you after many years as custom home builders in Calgary is to keep things simple. It may seem obvious but it is always good to remark that light colors and large-scale patterns help to open spaces considerably. So if you have a small bathroom, consider a soft palette and clear elements such as glass containers for storage. You may also want to start thinking vertically rather than horizontally in order to minimize visual obstructions and create a feeling of effortless flow and space. 

Another good idea, where possible, is to add a large mirror surface to trick the eye and make the space look bigger. On top of it, mirrors can give you a luxury touch that is always welcome in a good bathroom. Finally, try to avoid blocking windows as natural light is essential for cramped spaces as it provides a feeling of cleanliness and tranquility.

If you are planning your new home check out our Custom Home Builder Tips to Design the Perfect Master Bathroom and these Four Myths About Bathroom Design

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

When it comes to small bathrooms which size can’t be expanded, there are some design tips that can help you make the most of the space. It is all about being as creative as possible when it comes to layout, storage for bathroom essentials, bathtub, shower, vanity, and sink.

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