Energy Star Features In Your Calgary Custom Home

What Are the Advantages of Having Energy Star Features in your Calgary Custom Home

Every day, more and more homeowners are getting increasingly interested in green building techniques to make their homes eco-friendly. At Sunset Homes, the bespoke Calgary inner city home builder, we are a proud member of Built Green, and we believe that one of our top priorities when building or renovating a property is the protection of the environment. That is why we always promote the use of Energy Star features among our homeowners.

Three Home Automation And Safety Items For Calgary Custom Homes 3

Three Home Automation and Safety Items for Calgary Custom Homes

Welcome to the era of smart home systems! Home automation is everywhere, and it is part of our custom home designs and the way we live. It means incorporating one or more electronic devices to your home to control numerous systems that you have at home. Including home automation to any extent in your new dream home can make it more efficient, a smart home is a green home. Smart systems also add value to your property and make your everyday life more comfortable. A valuable advantage of smart home systems is the possibility of adding items to enhance the safety of your Calgary custom home. At Sunset Homes, we suggest considering the following smart items for your new home in Calgary.

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What Style of Homes Do Luxury Home Builders Offer?

When some people picture a luxury home, they see a sprawling estate with an oversized mansion that costs more than most will earn over a lifetime.  This vision isn’t necessarily untrue, but not all luxury home builders offer only these types of houses.

In reality, a luxury home can be a whole lot of different things.  Good luxury home builders realize that, and offer homes based on several different factors that cater to a wide range of home owners. 

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Choosing Upgrades for Your New Home to Suit Your Lifestyle

During your custom infill home building process, you will have to decide what type of materials, fixtures, and appliances will be used in your home. Depending on your budget, you will have to decide which specific areas of your home to upgrade to increase both the value and functionality of your home. Remember, it's your home, so choose upgrades that you think you will enjoy most! Here are our suggestions for great upgrades to make during your custom infill home build: