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Calgary Custom Home Builder Tips to Choose your Exterior Colours this 2019

One of the benefits of building a custom home in Calgary is getting to choose every single detail for your new home: From architectural style to every single decorative item. The whole process starts with careful planning of your custom home design with the help of a professional custom home builder. The next essential step is starting the selection process of all the items you would like to have in your new place according to your style and taste.

A selection that can be quite difficult for many homeowners is the exterior colour scheme of their new custom home. A usual concern is that the final result might end up being boring or that it wouldn't really reflect their overall style. In our experience as Calgary custom home builders, we believe that when it comes to exterior colours, it all depends on style and design.

Colours have a huge impact on our daily life and health. No wonder the right colour combination can set the vibe that people receive from your home from the outside and directly impact how you feel when driving in after a long day at work. Simply put: Nothing transforms a home more than the perfect exterior.

That is why at Sunset Homes, as experienced Calgary Custom Home Builders, we suggest our homeowners to look for inspiration in online platforms such as Houzz and Pinterest. Another valuable resource that we strongly recommend checking is Benjamin Moore’s website, where you can find great colour schemes to give definition to your exteriors and actually “colour a room” to have a better idea of how a tone would look in real life. 

Additionally, the beginning of a new year is always a great time to start considering exterior colour schemes for your new custom home. The reason is that paint manufacturers and home designers usually present their forecast for the next twelve months in matters of paint colours. Take a look at these hot exterior colour trends for 2019 so you can take them into account when discussing exterior colour palettes with your Calgary custom home builder.

Earth Tones Inspired by Nature

Finding inspiration in nature for colour selection is very common in interior design, but this year the exterior of your ideal family home can also borrow some interesting tones from Mother Earth. Many exterior palettes are now featuring tones inspired by fern and mushrooms. This range of earthy grays is often combined with light browns to accomplish a warm yet stylish look. Wood-inspired exteriors are also a hot trend and a great alternative to the usual beige tones.

As experienced Calgary infill home builders, we can also assure that an interesting choice for 2019 exteriors is a clay-inspired palette that can give a twist to many custom homes. The Pantone Colour of The Year is Living Coral, so everything in this colour spectrum will probably have an impact on exterior design in 2019. And if you are still not sure whether you are more inclined towards the grey or the brown tones, you can always go for “greige” which is the perfect mix between grey and beige.

Calm and Clean Tones for a Minimalist Vibe

In the era of minimalism, all calm shades are truly appreciated among many homeowners. If you are not into earthy tones but prefer something subtler and more classic, then this may be the right choice for you.

As experienced home builders, we believe this year the go-to option may not necessarily be pure white but almost-white shades that can provide you with both tranquility and character. If you are all into white shades, try matching cool whites with blue or grey undertones, and warm whites with brown or cream undertones, these can be great options to consider before making a decision.

Another good tip is to consider going with a mix of white, cream, beige or grey undertones. If you want to find some extra inspiration for a calm exterior palette, we recommend you check Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year: Metropolitan AF-690 a sophisticated and comforting grey with cool undertones. This paint brand not only presented their favorite tone for this year, but they also proposed a complementing palette of 15 harmonious hues that is totally worth checking.

Dark Tones for Strong Characters

Dark colours are not out of the trend when it comes to exteriors. Actually, darker and deeper tones such as chocolate and navy can be easily adapted to many home styles. If you are exploring design styles for your new custom home take a look at our blog series to learn the main characteristics of traditional custom homes, modern custom homes, and transitional custom homes.

We also suggest you consider adding dark hues to direct the visual attention to interesting architectural details you would like to emphasize.

If you are considering a dark tone, also take into account your home’s surroundings and landscaping, so you can complement your garden tones with your facade in a balanced way. The idea is to create a welcoming environment that fits your personality and sets a positive mood.

Some Final Tips for Choosing the Right Hue

Testing your potential exterior palette is one of the best things to do before deciding. Also, have a visual of your colour palette and any other exterior finishes you will have in your home. At Sunset Homes, to make our homeowners' selection process easier, we create a 3D visual of your home exterior, that way you can see all your exterior finishes and colours before making a final decision and change anything you are not sure about. After considering all your digital options, we provide you with samples of your exterior colours so you can be sure of your colour choice!

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

The trends for 2019 include earthy tones inspired by nature, subdued hues inspired by minimalism, and darker options for bolder looks.

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